Hi guys! This is a project I’ve been wanting to introduce for awhile but it’s finally done! Basically, every Friday I want to wondertrade a box of shiny Pokemon. Each week there will be a new Pokemon with a new nickname carrying a special item.
Basically, my reasoning for this is to make people happy, especially if they’ve had a bad week. Nothing beats getting a shiny Pokemon and a compliment at the same time :3 
This Friday (7pm EST) I will be trading away shiny Feebas holding the prism scale so it will evolve when you receive it. They are a nicknamed “you’reLovely” because I think you are c:
Please do me a favor and reblog this, I want everyone to get a chance in receiving one, especially if it will make them happy. I hope some of you get one on Friday :)

A friend asked me to reblog this to spread the word.
So check it out guys, another really cute Wonder Trade initiative! Good going shiny-dustox!


One chart says it all about the government and female bodies 

We’re only halfway through 2014, and state legislators have already introduced a whopping 468 restrictions intended to limit, control or otherwise regulate women’s reproductive rights.

How many comparable bills have been introduced to regulate men’s reproductive health care during this period? Zero. 

Something’s very wrong with this picture.

What would restricting male reproductive rights even look like? | Follow micdotcom

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